Amherst Film Gathering – Couples Boudoir

Our couples styled morning boudoir shoot was featured on Embrace Magazine. This was our inspiration:

There is something magical and persistent about morning light. The way it seeps through the cracks in the windows, gently warming the ground as it peeks over mountain tops and forewarns earth of it’s coming with a gentle glow over the mountain. It finds all growing things along its way and gives them cheer, turning their heads with a smile towards heaven. It awakes animals out of their resting places, and it pokes into the rooms of houses to find mankind still sleeping in their beds. The sun tries to come through the cracks in our eyelids. We squint and rub our eyes, unwilling to yield to it’s gentle but firm insistence to wake up. The lover beside us stirs as well, and we nestle together, trying to take advantage of every last shred of the dying darkness of night. Eventually, we must give in to the persistence of the light. The shadows stretch long in the room, as well as under the ponderous oak trees outside. As the light streams through the room, fiercely making us aware of its existence now, we tiptoe to find sustenance. But the coziness of the bed soon brings us back, and we break our fast together, still interlaced together. In the beams of light, we hold hands, kiss gently, and share breakfast, still soaking in the magic of the morning.

Photography & Organization: Live View Studios
Design & Styling: Michelle Wright Events
Flowers: Cotton Social
Hair & Makeup: Michelle Clark
Dress Boutique: Gilded Bridal
Film Lab: The FIND Lab