Win a Film Camera!

You know we love to give away things … both shared knowledge in this community, and occasionally film and film cameras!

Well, it’s time for another Instagram giveaway.

This time we’re giving away TWO 35mm film camera bodies to two winners – both a Canon A2 and a Nikon N50 for those who have lenses with either brand.

Here’s all you need to do to enter:

  1.  Follow the Film Gathering Instagram here
  2. Comment on the giveaway post with your favorite film stock, indicate Canon or Nikon, and tag three friends


1. Repost the giveaway graphic (you can download the image here) with the following text on your own Instagram profile (tag @thefilmgathering):

Enter to win a Canon or Nikon film camera from @thefilmgathering –  check out their profile for more details! #giveaway #thefilmgathering #filmcamera #filmphotography #thegatheringgiveaway

2. All attendees of the August 17th Mini Gathering who enter the giveaway get a bonus entry!

Both winners will be announced next Wednesday!