The Film Gathering is a retreat for fourteen film photographers that is held twice a year. It is designed to foster community and a spirit of learning and encouragement in a relaxed environment. It offers an opportunity to create beautiful art, have your work featured nationally, and make connections with some of the best brands and vendors in the industry. Any skill level is welcome, from beginner film photographers to experienced.

Here is what some past attendees had to say about their experience at The Film Gathering:

photo by Lauren Rosenau
photo by Lauren Rosenau

Faith Teasley: “The Gathering was an absolutely incredible, soul-refreshing experience! Having a community of film photographers is such a gift. Not only were we all able to build friendships with one another, but we were able to do something we love – creating and capturing beauty through film photographs. Brent and Anna have truly formed something very special, and I am so grateful!”


Nicole Moering: “This was going to be an amazing weekend. We were welcomed with open arms by Brent and Anna and instantly fell into the routine of having deep yet casual conversation, building community and creating lasting friendships. Yes there were absolutely fabulously styled shoots by the team, and yes we got some amazing images to fill our creative minds, but these moments of conversation were the real treat. Finding a tribe to be a part of and feeling connected is the greatest gift you can get, so thank you Brent and Anna, and to those of you considering going- go!”


Lauren Thomas: “The Film Gathering was unlike any other “workshop” experience I’ve been a part of. It felt like a community of photographers who truly want to help each other and build each other up. From the moment I arrived, to the moment we had to leave, I felt so welcome. The friendships I made were just as big of a part of The Gathering as the beautiful styled shoots. I’m so grateful for this experience and would definitely recommend it to any photographers interested in shooting more film, learning from your peers, and finding community.”


Heather Cooper: “Being new to film, I was nervous about being around many ridiculously talented photographers who already had a foot in the door. Immediately upon arriving, I felt welcomed & at home. The stylized shoots were beautiful with every detail being thought out & I spent a weekend learning about all aspects of the photography industry. Everyone there was extremely helpful, it was nice to be around so many others that shared my passion in photography & learn from such creative individuals. It will not be my last time joining & if you’re considering going, you will not regret it!”


photo by Kristen Lynn Photography from the Rodanthe Gathering

Kristen Uhler: “I loved my first Film Gathering. I appreciated how Brent from Live View Studios kept the number of attendees low. This really helped to foster great relationships at the gathering, as well as made it very relaxed. I also loved how there were multiple stations set up that even smaller groups of attendees could rotate through, and really take their time. It was the most relaxing gathering of photographers I’ve ever been to. It was nice to spread out the shooting in-between lunch and just simply hanging out with some amazing people. I also can’t speak highly enough of our host, Marianne from RiverOaks Charleston. Marianne and her amazing team really made us feel at home and did a fantastic job of styling the fabulous vignettes for us to photograph.”


Minh Hussey: “When I heard about the Gathering, I figured I’d get to photograph some cool styled shoots, talk business and learn more about film photography. While I accomplished all that, I didn’t expect this AMAZING experience: Brent and Anna were wonderful hosts, they took good care of all of us. The food was great (it matters! lol), but most of all, I got to spend 2 relaxing days with other very talented people. I felt like I was at a Summer camp for photographers, it’s hard to tell you how much fun I had! It was so nice to learn in a non-judgemental environment (I’m a beginner in film photography). I was sad when it ended, and can’t wait to do it again! Thank you, Brent and Anna, for organizing such an amazing event ❤️”


Adam Brophy: “I went in thinking the Gathering would be a workshop. But afterwards it was much more of an artists retreat. A time to unwind, to be with fellow artists who love the film medium as much as myself (or even some just getting into it) and an opportunity and freedom to try new approaches that I would not ordinarily try on a wedding day. Beyond that, Brent and Anna did an amazing job of making our cabin and our experience one to remember. The days were filled with conversation about everything from art to business practices. Everything was on the table and everyone was open to sharing everything they knew – truly pushing the concept of community over competition.Whether new to shooting film or an old pro, The Gathering is a great opportunity to tap back in to your creativity, to try something new, to meet new people and to hit the reset button.”


J. Durango: “Pulling up to the driveway, it didn’t take long to see how special The Gathering would be. The Gathering is not a workshop, it is so much more then that. It’s a place to take pause and reflect on what kind of art you’d like you share with the world. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer looking to experiment and try that new technique you’ve been reading about. Or you need some content for your portfolio. Or maybe you’re just new to film and would like to learn the medium. The Gathering offers a wonderful learning environment that promotes just that. Learning. The curation and styling by Michelle Wright Events and Brent were exceptional in their attention to detail and authenticity. Not to mention the people! The passion of the attendees is infectious and before you know it, you’ll be telling stories, laughing, crying due to laughter, and dreaming up new ideas. The Gathering was an unforgettable experience, and worth so much more than the the entry fee. I hope you enjoy your time as much as I have.”


Carla Gates: “I signed up for The Gathering excited for a new film adventure but ended up with so much more. At that time I had only shot film twice, so I was brand new and had no idea how amazing the film community was! I think that has been one of the best surprises about film – the camaraderie and encouragement! The Gathering was my first taste of it and I was so delighted to be surrounded by such talented people who love the medium and creating things as much as I do! And even more…to see the differences between each person, our unique ideas, and how we see the world. I was so inspired and encouraged and built relationships that have lasted far beyond the weekend. Not to mention the immense beauty all around us that we had the honor of capturing…talk about heaven! It was a blessing to be a part of and I absolutely can’t wait for the next one!”